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I was blocked from LA Marzullis blog for defending Word of Faith preachers
Updated 08-10-2013

LA Marzulli at the Sid Roth show

This is what happened. Someone asked a question about a youtube video, that claimed that preachers as Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland, and others, had made the "devil-sign", and therefore, they are secret satanists. This was my answer:

(Hidden name), wasn't it Gary Stearman who was "caught" doing the devil sign newly also? Apparently, one's hands can make that "sign" without one meaning it. If a satanist unwittingly makes the "God" sign (fore-finger up), is he a secret christian then?
Such accusations are just ridiculous. The only true way to get to know a minister of the Lord, is to listen to him, whole sermons. I've done that with many in the faith movement, cant find better techers today than them. Especially Kenneth E. Hagin.

Then another visitor to the blog wrote something about the Word of Faith movement being biblically unsound (also basing his opinion on some youtube slander videos), whereupon I answered:

(Hidden name), could you, with your OWN words, from your OWN assessment, state what is "biblically unsound" with the Word of Faith movement, please? And I mean the Word of Faith movement of today, of course.
I'll make it easy for you. Listen to this radio channel for some days: "". They have most of the wellknown Word of Faith teachers, and also many unknown, very good and edifying preachers.
When you have come to know them, or their doctrine, personally, from your own experience, and not by hearsay, please come back and tell us what is not sound in their teaching.

He never responded to that.

After that, a bit later in the conversation, I posted two videos, just to let the blog visitors get to know Word of Faith people, not by just hearsay, but by seeing and hearing them. These were the videos.

Kenneth Copeland LIVE - Big Band Gospel
Jesse Duplantis - Trash Gumbo

Whereupon a visitor started to mock one of those preachers.

Then a woman wrote and accused me and a couple of others for defending these preachers. I answered her:

So you didn't mind that christian ministers were accused of not being christians and/or mocked, but you do mind that a few of all the blog visitors react and tried to stop the mockery?
Don't you know that such accusations are what grieves the Holy Spirit and take away the blessing? Without the blessing, this blog is just a religious cofferoom, but with the blessing people get helped, taken care of, prayed for, even delivered and getting new hope.

Two other visitors to the blog also wrote and asked why it was ok to accuse WOF, but not ok to defend them.

Then LA got in himself and told us to 'tone it down', and wrote that he doesnt like the "prosperity gospel", and that it is not a gospel at all and it never adresses sin and fighting against the devil.

Since that is not true, I felt I had to answer that:

LA is saying that the "prosperity gospel" is no gospel at all. If you by that aim at preachers as Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, and Jesse Duplantis, I can tell you that you are wrong. Either you are lying, or you just haven't listened enough to them. They do preach against sin (what kind of accusation is that - taken out of the air completely), and they do go out against the works of the devil - more than many other christians.
If you don't like discussions like these on the blog, there is a simple solution. Don't allow accusations and mockery of other christians. That's what we are told by the Bible anyway.

Later on, after having prayed and reflected on all this, I finally wrote this and posted it:

If christians only knew and understood what harm they cause themselves and others, by slandering each other and especially when they slander and accuse their ministers of the Gospel. It is this sin that grieves the Holy Spirit the most. It is this sin that cause strife and divisions, and even persecutions. It is this sin that causes non christians to lose confidence in us.
I once was like that too, but the more the Holy Spirit and Jesus has got the grip on me, the less I have a drive to accuse and mock. I find it just silly now, and pathetic. What good does it make? What do I gain by it? Nothing. I don't need it, God doesn't need it. We are to bless and be a blessing, not to curse and accuse. We are not to be blind either, and look away from things that are wrong. But that's not for our flesh to handle, it is to be handled by the Holy Spirit, through us. And he comes with love, and yes, truth, but never accusations, never mockery. That is of the devil, and we shall not be servants in his ministry, helping him day and night accusing the brethren.
I suggest this to anyone who doubts me: Take one month, as a trial, and don't say anything negative about anyone. Just speak what is good, and edifying. And take note how your spiritual life reacts during that month. I would guess it will grow and be strong, and even bring health to your body, and peace to your family.

The next day when I tried to post a comment (on another subject), I found I was blocked. And LA had deleted one of the posts above. And not only that: He did it without telling about it. It was meant to look like I gave up and went away silently!

I have waited a couple of days now, to see if he would change his mind, or at least has the guts to tell in the blog about why he blocked me. I have been a regular visitor to that blog since its start, and contributed with lots of comments, and many of the readers have appreciated what I shared.

Apparently, believing in unity among saved, bible believing, spirit filled Christians is ok, as long as one doesnt include the saved, bible believing, spirit filled Word of Faith movement. They are not to be treated as brethren, but rather be accused, mocked, and slandered. According to the standards of LA Marzulli.

Created 08/10 2013, 18:44. Latest edited 08-10-2013, 18:44

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