for Smartphones

Download this package to your computer, unzip it and transfer it to your smartphone (or download it to your phone and unzip it there):

The package contains the same 5 translations as on this website (Book of Enoch Interlinear). They can be read, browsed, searched and compared as here.

No need for internet connection, all features are included in the zip-file and works offline.

If you want to change the look of the pages, the "style.css" file can be edited.

This version is of July, 2015, and should work with all modern phone browsers.

"But when they write all my words in rectitude in their languages, and do not change or abridge anything of my words, but write all in rectitude, all that I have first testified on their account, then I know another mystery, that books will be given to just and to the wise for joy and for rectitude and for much wisdom. And the books will be given to them, and they will believe in them and will rejoice in them; and then all the just, who have learned all the paths of rectitude out of them, will be rewarded.

And in those days, says the Lord, 'they will call and testify over the sons of the earth concerning their wisdom: show it to them, for ye are their leaders, and the rewards over all the earth. For I and my son will join with them to eternity in the paths of rectitude in their lives. And peace will be to you; rejoice, ye children of rectitude, in truth!" (Enoch 1882 104:11-13, 105:1-2)