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Jesus is the Word of God, not the Bible
Updated 06-03-2013

I guess I'll have to explain that. What is the Bible? It is the written down revelations and spiritual experiences of prophets and apostles. It isn't a piece of paper. It isn't doctrine. It isn't something for your brain to process. It's revelation. And you can only receive revelation as God pleases. There is no way to break into his treasure chambers. You may see them, but you can never experience them. You may be able to describe them, at least outwardly, but you will never touch them, and they will never touch you.

Jesus is the word of God, not the Bible. You must therefore approach the Bible, as if it is a living, superior person. Not the paper, not the letters, but the content, and the person who gave the inspiration and revelation to write it down.

As a matter of fact, and this will be misunderstood, it may even be necessary, for you to really get to know Jesus, to lay aside "the Bible" for a while, and start to have fellowship with the "bible" inside of you, which is the Holy Spirit.

Who is the interpreter of the Word of God? You? Dr. Theologian? No, it is the Holy Spirit. This is plain gospel truth. But most christians look away from it, and think that they can understand the holy word of God by themselves, as if their brains were compatible with God's brain. No, no prophecy can be laid out, unless the Spirit gives the understanding. Just as no prophecy can be given, without the Spirit. And "My words are spirit" (John 6:63
). There you have it. Spirit. Not paper. Not letters you process with human logic.

Now, human logic is nothing wrong. We need that, but it has to be subjected to the Spirit of God. It has to be his instrument! Not your instrument.

I have found, that God mostly teach me from the Bible, when I'm not reading the Bible. I have read the Bible, many times, from cover to cover. The Bible is in many ways a center of my life. I have several websites focused on the Bible. But mostly when God speaks to me, and gives revelations, it's when I'm not reading the Bible. How can that be? It's because it's then when I'm not using my brain! I'm just doing something else, working or taking a walk, or going out in the nature, or something else. It's then the revelations come, of a sudden, when my brain is kind of taken over by the Holy Spirit, and he downloads living thoughts and the living Word in my heart. Or it might be when I'm sitting by the computer and reading or hearing something on the net. All of a sudden some thought comes as a flash, and then the command: Write! And I write, with a flow which I'm not capable of otherwise. It usually lasts a couple of pages. If I try that with my own brain, I seldom come more than to the first words. Then I sort of go into the ditch, I contradict myself, or discover how ridiculous this thought was.

Without comparing too much, this is how the OT prophets wrote their prophecies. They often start their writing with: The Word of the Lord came to me. So what was it that came to them? A scroll? No, it was Jesus! Jesus is the Word of God. Writing down what God gave wasn't an intellectual effort, it was an empowering, an illumination, from Heaven. They were given wisdom and knowledge they didn't possess.

I can read my own writings, such as I have gotten from God in that manner, and be spiritually edified by them. I learn from them, things that I don't know about. It's there, in the living word of God, given by the Holy Spirit. I can use such articles to refresh my spiritual life. They were given in moments of holy inspiration, and they transfer that inspiration, when they are read. It may sound crazy to say that about one's own writings. But it isn't my own writings. It was given, and I wasn't capable of writing those things.

We need this. Preachers need it, to bring the living Word to the people. The living Word of God, brought by the Holy Spirit, through teaching and prophetic ministries. Not just the Bible, but the Words that go out from the mouth of God, daily. That is our bread. Jesus said so. He really did.

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." (Matt. 4:4

Proceedeth is not past time, it is present time. It is our time, it is now. Of course, he may give us food from the written word, he often does (but it is still he who gives it, by pointing us to it), but he also gives us food directly from heaven, from the flow of his throne, where he still speaks to his people.

If we are not focused on that, to receive living words from God's mouth, and make ourselves available and conceptive to receive such words, we will never grow in our spiritual lives, we will never get to know Jesus (as in knowing intimately and holy), we will never see those wonders he has promised to us, and we will never bare the fruit that is prepared for us.

Jesus is the Word of God!

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