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Nephilim Children
Updated 02-01-2021

August Malmstrom, Dansing Fairies (1866)

What happens when a Nephilim who is a child, dies?
We know from the Book of Enoch, that when the Nephilim giants there died, their spirits became evil spirits, bound to roam on the Earth's surface.
So, what happened when a Nephilim giant, or some of the other species (there were more than one sort), that was only a child, died? They of course also became evil spirits, perhaps not as much evil as their grown up relatives, but still - they were not fully human, and their angelic fathers were in rebellion to God, so they inherited evil genes, for sure.
These Nephilim children, thus, are they who later became known as leprechauns, sometimes elfs, cupids, and many other small evil and misleading spirits.
I think that is also what was behind child sacrifice. This way the Nephilim peoples and their descendents, who also was on earth after the flood, could create a somewhat more "friendly" variant of evil spirits, who could serve them as protecting beings, guard their homes, property, and many other things that these special beings are known for.
To the Nephilim races, death wasn't a separation from the living - they kept on living, but in another form, a spirit form, and could now become "gods", and receive worship, and do, perhaps, much more evil than in life.
This is what originally was behind ancestor worship. The Nephilim races, the Rephaim, really did have contact with their dead relatives, and worshipped and received benifits from them. Some may even have let them posess them, so that the father came back in the son, to live on - thus this may also have been the origin of the reincarnation belief, and such events as those told about Osiris, and other fame Pharaos, and kings. The inauguration was a real "rebirth" of the original entity - perhaps even the father angel, to posess their sons, and live on in them and reign through them, in many generations to come - before someone with power of God sent their spirits to the abyss.
This is also why these entities, both living and dead, drew back wherever Christians came, during the great Mission times, because they were afraid they would be sent to the abyss, just as they stated to Jesus. That is why many of them chose to live, or rather dwell, in remote areas, as deserts, woods, in the far north, and other such places, rather than facing the risk to go to the terrible Tartarus, before time.
In Scandinavia, there are lots of folk tales, telling how the giants, and dragons, and other mythical beings, when confronted to Christianity, the Cross and the Name of Jesus being mentioned and proclaimed, fled to a certain place - the Dovre fjell in Norway.
This could also be why the last of these mythical beings seems to have been the smaller ones - because they were the Nephilim children, and thus not as quite evil as their fathers, and therefore not at the same risk of being driven to the abyss. Of course, the more Christianity spread, and revivals came, the more all of these beings either were bound, or driven down, or away, just by the light of born again, fully human believers.

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